Oral Hygiene in Charles County and St. Mary’s County, MD

Sequence Orthodontics, conveniently located in Waldorf and Leonardtown, and serving Charles County and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, provides extensive patient information on oral hygiene for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Our office proudly provides education to help patients get the most out of their orthodontic treatment and achieve optimal results.

What Constitutes Proper Oral Hygiene?

Proper oral hygiene isn’t just about keeping your mouth fresh and clean. It’s actually the key to avoiding common dental problems like gingivitis, tartar, and demineralization. Because thorough oral hygiene is more difficult to achieve while wearing braces or other orthodontic devices, it is even more important to keep in mind for orthodontic patients. Dental problems are unpleasant enough on their own, but if left untreated they can also turn into more complicated oral health issues. Additionally, proper oral hygiene assures that your treatment time in braces will be minimal.

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important?

At Sequence Orthodontics we understand that caring properly for your teeth can be a challenge when wearing braces, but taking proper care of your teeth, gums and braces is essential for avoiding complications during treatment and ending up with optimal results once your braces come off. Proper oral care is really the ultimate key to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Oral hygiene instruction is essential in all cases of orthodontic treatment, and the use of such tools as electric toothbrushes, interproximal brushes, chlorhexidine mouthwashes, fluoride mouthwashes, oral irrigators and regular professional cleaning must be reinforced. Nonetheless, the patient’s motivation and discipline in maintaining oral hygiene are vital to the success of their orthodontic treatment.

In addition to maintaining a proper diet, optimal self-care such as brushing thoroughly, regularly and correctly, as well as proper flossing and cleaning between teeth, must be done regularly, along with regular dental checkups. Brushing teeth immediately after eating, using the proper brushing techniques for those with braces, and even just rinsing vigorously with water regularly may help to prevent tooth decay. Excellent oral hygiene and plaque removal are critical, as is decreased consumption of sugar, carbonated beverages, coffee, and energy drinks, as well as chewy or sugary snacks between meals.

What Kind of Devices are Available to Assist with Oral Hygiene?

Oral Hygiene in Charles County and St. Mary’s County, MD
Oral hygiene devices for cleaning orthodontic appliances are available and may be useful in helping you maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. Rubber-tipped and end-tuft or single-tuft brushes, oral irrigators, such as the Waterpik, and antibacterial and fluoride rinses are among the devices and tools that will prove helpful. In one study, results showed that a dental water flosser with a specialized orthodontic jet tip was effective for use by adolescents wearing fixed orthodontic appliances and demonstrated effective reduction of plaque build-up and bleeding gums.

How Can I Learn More About Oral Hygiene?

Our basic guide to oral hygiene is provided as a patient education service. If you need more information on oral hygiene for orthodontic patients, please contact our office. At Sequence Orthodontics, conveniently located in Waldorf and Leonardtown, and serving Charles County and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, we believe an informed patient has the highest likelihood of achieving optimal results!

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